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Crazy Becomes R Selected

It’s a beutiful day out. An hour ago I was sitting with Darker Knight at our favorite taco joint. I had a few quesadillas and a beer; a combination that’s becoming somewhat of an after work ritual. He showed me some photo editing he’s been doing. His photos are looking quite nice. Him and some … Continue reading Crazy Becomes R Selected

The Rawness

Its been a tough couple of weeks. The streets are cold. There are hardly any single girls out and this city doesn’t seem to have any young cute ones left. Its a sad sight. The media would have me believe there’s all this sex going on but I cant see any evidence of it. No … Continue reading The Rawness

Winter is Coming

Its cold, dark, and rainy when I get off work these days. I seem to live under a perpetual lense of Prussian blue. Ive gotten tired of going out and shivering beneith my leather jacket as I shuffle around the grey puddles, used needles, and bums that fill the sidewalks of my awful town. Why … Continue reading Winter is Coming

“Why am I here you ask?”

My second day back to gaming since Kiev, I see my first set; a girl standing on the corner in beige hot pants. Shes actually hot. WTH. I’m surprised and a little excited. Since getting back to the states from Ukraine I haven’t seen a single hot girl. The light changes and I begin crossing … Continue reading “Why am I here you ask?”

Back to Beginner

Over the last few months Dark Knight and I have had many talks about where we are on the skill spectrum of pickup. A few months back we started getting some decent results. He went on a 12 week streak in which he had a date each of those weeks. I pulled a few hotties … Continue reading Back to Beginner

Who is Crazy Cock

Crazy Cock is an American daygamer who resides in a major city on the edge of the modern world. An introverted lad he enjoys reading fiction, latin dance, and boxing. Every weekend you can find him trolling the streets for pussy with his wing who goes by the sexy ass name “Dark Knight.” He is … Continue reading Who is Crazy Cock

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